Year 3 2018 - 2019

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Welcome to Year 3

This year, children will be studying a range of Topics that will be linked cross-curricular to our Core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science. 

Autumn- Children will be focusing on the Stone Age, developing a chronological awareness of this time period and the impacts that this period had on Britain today. The children will be looking at similarities and differences between now and then, creating a timeline of events. Creative arts will include; creating stone cave paintings, bone jewellery and Stone Age caves and settlements. 

Spring 1- Children will be researching the History of St Helens, gathering facts about their local town and what has changed over the years. Children will use map skills to locate different areas of the town and gain an understanding of where they live. Children will discover 'What makes St Helens great' by exploring how the town has thrived over the years. Children will explore the glass and coal industry and how this supported local economy. Children will also have the opportunity to explore the world of glass. Creative Arts will include; creating their own stained glass windows, 3D dream models and small world St Helens structures. 

Spring 2- Year 3 will be finding out 'What makes the Earth angry?' We will be researching natural disasters from across the globe and use map skills to learn about various countries that are effected by natural disasters. Children will explore Volcanoes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes from recent events, gathering evidence to create fact files and reports. Creative Arts will inlcude; erupting volcanoes, Tsunami paintings, famous Indonesian artists. 

Summer- During this term children will learn all about 'Ancient Greece' Year 3 will focus on Myths and Legends, learning about the Greek Gods and how religion impacted on the Greeks. Children will gain a chronological awareness of events throughout the Ancient Greek Timeline and how what impact they had on the world today. Children will use mapping skills to explore the Greek empire and the countries they are today. Children will develop an understanding of Democracy and how the Greeks developed this throughout history. Creative Arts include; Greek Pottery, Temples and 3D Trojan horses. 

English- Children will read a range of high quality picture books that will link to comprehension and creative writing. They will also have a class novel each term and key Author for the year is Roald Dahl. Children will develop an understanding of various writing genres including; playscripts, instructions, poetry, recounts and persuasive letters as well as narrative writing. Children will be working on their non-negotiable Year 3 spellings throughout the year as well as learning about a range of spelling patterns that include prefixes, suffixes and homophones. 

Mathematics- Children will develop an understanding of all four operations of calculation and place value of up to 3 and 4 digit numbers. A key focus in Year 3 is to develop children's perseverence in problem solving and reasoning. The children will also develop their reasoning skills when explaining how to solve a problem. We will also be looking at how to use the most effecient method to solve a problem or calculation, using mental strategies.We will be looking at inverse operations and systematic approahces to working out problems. Children will be working on all their times tables up to 12 X 12 and it advised that parents work on these at home daily with their child. 

Science- Children will be developing their scientific enquiry skills in a range of topics that include; forces, animals including humans, plants and light. Children will carry out experiments and gather evidence. They will also learn how to create scientific questions that they can find out the answer to, using a range of resources made available. Year 3 will look at how to predict and then gather evidence to create a conclusion. 

PE- Children will complete PE sessions on a Monday and Friday each week. Key focuses include; Hockey, Football, Gymnastics and Cricket. Please ensure children have their full PE kits in school on these days. 


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