Curriculum Subject Overviews

On this page you will find the 'Curriculum Subject Overviews' for all subjects taught at Robins Lane. Throughout 2018-2019, we redesigned our curriculum to ensure it is fully underpinned by the principles of SMSC and British values and that we learned from, and about, our local area. As a result, our History, Geography, English and D&T curriculum maps were fully redesigned. 

In September 2019, we redeveloped our school trips to broaden opportunities and experiences across the curriculum. We outline the main subject focus for each trip in our 'Curriculum Trips and Visits' section of the website.

As we know, 2020-2021 meant remote learning for some people. You can contact our school or our subject leaders to learn more about our 'curriculum recovery approach' during this time. Our remote learning policy also outlines the provision we have in place for remote learners.

For September 2021, we are bringing some exciting additions to our curriculum. We will be introducing additional musical theatre units to increase children's opportunities for drama, singing and performance. We will also be introducing the new, LA-agreed syllabus for Religious Education.

Please see below to download our overviews for individual subjects. We hope you like them.

Files to Download