Date: 21st Apr 2017 @ 3:31pm

We are currently looking at this dramatic Shakespeare play. This week, we have enjoyed writing our own diary entries as Lady Macbeth and creating our very own drama play from scratch. Year 5 children have created this themselves and they have done extremely well! Blog about the parts of the play you have really enjoyed. 

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Basar A wrote:

I love Macbeth it is a perfect story from William Shakespeare and I can't wait for the play I love my part being one of the witches , who where the ones to tell Macbeth that one day he will be the thane of Cawdor and the king as well as to Banquo that one day his sons will be the king (in my group I had the job of saying this which I really enjoyed) but when Lady Macbeth learned with a note she thought of killing the king. In the story Lady Macbeth was the one who always didn't think . On the same day King Duncan come to Macbeth's house where the murder happened with 2 daggers that Lady Macbeth gave but after this Lady Macbeth started acting out the murder and she kept on seeing blood on her hand she tried to wash them but it never went off, after this Lady Macbeth killed her self due to that she couldn't handle the gilt and power which she wanted so much but now the thing she hated. After this Macbeth killed all of his rivals including Banquo and Macduff's family thinking I don't want Banquo's sons being king I want my sons being king after my reing but at the dinner table Banquo's ghost came hunting him and went to the witches and asked "Can I be killed by anyone?" but the witches said " No you can not be killed by anyone born from women " after this Macbeth believed it but he got killed by Macduff but Macduff said "I wasn't born from women I came out of women" and chopped his head off and crowned Malcolm.

By Basar Kaan Anil
Year 5

Eleanor M wrote:

I have really enjoyed doing Macbeth, especially when we do the acting, I play lady Macbeth and its really intresting how by doing something that menacing, it can ruin a persons life and make them weaker than before.I am also excited for the diary entery because I like to write about her secret thought and fellings.

Holly A wrote:

In year 5 he have been doing things about Shakespeare and we have wrote a diary entry about Lady Macbeth. We also got put into groups there was the witches and the Lady Macbeth's it was really fun to act out the play.

By Holly A

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