Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

This week we have really enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year! 

In English we have had fun retelling the story, creating our own animal characters, and writing our own ending to the story, because some of us felt very sorry for the Cat! 

In Maths we have been very busy problem solving, we were each given a Chinese money wallet and we had to think of all the different coin combinations that could be in our special red envelope! 

In topic we have  learnt all about China we really enjoyed learning about the country and its Cities, we really enjoyed asking Miss Matthews and Mrs Maires about their visit to China, we were shocked to find out how long the great wall of China was! 

In Science we have been investigating the properties of the material paper. We made our own lucky fish and we chose the paper we thought would make the best fish. We also then tested the properties of the different paper; cardboard, tin foil, grease proof paper, tissue paper, newspaper and card. To investigate which would make the best paper plane! 

Finally, as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations we were very lucky and had the opportunity to participate in a Chinese Dance Workshop. This was lots of fun and we got to explore movement and self expression!