Year 3 W/C 16.01.17

Date: 18th Jan 2017 @ 7:37pm

The children have been very busy this week and have been working hard across all areas of the curriculum. In English children have been planning and preparing to write about their own adventures in Neverland. In Art, the children have been working on their sketching skills linked to mathematics. They have been looking at portrait sketching and symmetry and the results have been fantastic. They are all really proud of the Art Work they have produced and it is now all on display in the classroom. 

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Luke R wrote:

I liked sketching because it helps you draw and it's fun. I also love reading Peter Pan because it's funny and interesting.

Lily Y wrote:

I loved the symmetry sketching and was really proud of my work. I like writing stories especially adventure stories and as I have never read Peter Pan before I am finding it exciting.

George Dyas wrote:

You all worked super hard on your sketches and learned a lot about Symmetry too!

Jayden B wrote:

My favorite sketch was finishing the portrait of flash!!

Emily B wrote:

I liked the sketching because it will teach to do good sketching when I'm older

Robert C wrote:

I like mermaid lagoon becuase the mermaids are beautiful in peter pan.

Keira M wrote:

I have been doing sketching and I really enjoyed it. I concentrated, took my time and did it slow and I am really proud because they are hung up all around the classroom and mine is right near my place!

Nemone R wrote:

I liked sketching because it helpt me with my art also I liked to do stories about Peter Pan I really thought I was in never land it was that exciting

Nemone R wrote:

I love sketching also I loved learning stories about Peter Pan it has been the so fun because I felt like I was in never land it was that fun . This was the best lesson ever

Curtis W wrote:

I like what we have been doing this year but I like sketching .

Keira M wrote:

On computers I learnt about Esafety but the best part to me was digital footsteps and how we learned it leaves a trace of whoch games you've been on.

Oscar D wrote:

I really enjoyed the sketching because it is creative for your mind. I enjoyed writing the story as my mind can run free.

Emily E wrote:

I really loved writing our story about me and peter pans adventures in never land. my story was very magical and a little funny to. I also loved sketching our mermaids .

George D wrote:

I lvoed sketching my mermaid because i learnt how to colour and shade a picture portrait. It was really fun because i love doing art in Year 3.

Charlie G wrote:

i like sceting because it help me pratis it

Chloe H wrote:

i love when we sketch because it helps me draw a dog a cat or a anime person

Amelia O wrote:

I love sketching because it's fun and I think that I'm good at it.

Chloe H wrote:

i like sketching mermaids because i get to take my time on it

Oscar D wrote:

Peter Pan is a good story because reading can inspire you. And its good for your imagination. Peter is just a regular boy but he gone to Never land because he does not want to grow up.

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