W/C 22.01.16

Date: 27th Jan 2017 @ 10:20am

The children have completed another busy week in Year 3. We have now finished our E-Safety topic in Computing and we are moving onto Digital Animation! 

Can you tell me some saefty tips you have learnt when you're online? 


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Jake M wrote:

if someone says something naughty never answer back. Always tell a adult what your going on. Never give out personal details. Never speak to people you dont know. Speak to someone if someones being mean online.

Sadie S wrote:

it is important to always report a bully or naughty person

Lily Y wrote:

Never give a person personal details or information about yourself or anyone you know. You wouldn't tell a stranger where you live, would you? If you felt intimidated online, always report it to an adult you know.

Cadence C wrote:

I learned that I should always tell an adult what I am going on. If I am on a game and someone is calling names I should close the game and tell an adult. If the game asks me for my name I should give a nonsense name.

Oscar D wrote:

Never give away your password. Don't speak with anyone online you don't know. And never give out your real name or address.

Emily E wrote:

do not post any personal information online.

Charlie G wrote:

I learned to not awnser back back or tell them were i live or tell them my information

Charlie G wrote:

I learned to tell no one were i live or give them my information

George D wrote:

Never leave passwords open and never tell anyone personal things about yourself because they might not be who you think they are.

Charlie G wrote:

i now to tell now one were i live or my information

Amelia O wrote:

Never answer back to naughty messages. Don't speak to strangers on the internet. Do not post naughty messages post kind ones.

Oscar D wrote:

DONT speak to other people online. DONT give people password to other people they could go to your bank account.

Chloe H wrote:

if any one says something rude log of the game and tell your mum or dad

Luke R wrote:

Never go on stuff what has people in it because they could find your house and bully you. As well as this you should be safe on the internet because you might get hacked and you can not play a game!

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