Date: 27th Jan 2017 @ 12:02pm

Hello Reception!

Today we read 'Supertato', a story about a potato who saves the vegetables from the evil pea! The children loved it!

I have a question for you...

'If you were a super vegetable or fruit, what would you be and why?'

If I was a super fruit, I would be a super-strawberry because they are pink inside, sweet and taste good with cream!

I can't wait to read your ideas on Monday! Thank you.

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Lily Y wrote:

I would be a carrot because they can help me see in the dark and I love them. You can use them to make carrot cake and my mummy likes carrot cake.

Adam T wrote:

I would be a super-pineapple because they are hard and spiky!

Nathan M wrote:

I would be a super banana because I could splat the evil pea!

Hiromichi M wrote:

I would be super-broccoli. Because bloccoli tasts nice and I love it.

George F wrote:

George said he would like to be a carrot because he likes them

Olivia T wrote:

I would be a super grape as I could choose to be green or purple and they taste tangy and sweet. I would squish the evil pea!

Tia C wrote:

I would be super grapes because they have juice inside that I could splat at the evil pea

Alfie D wrote:

I will be a super cauliflower because I can dust everywhere and the evil pea will sneeze and blow away!

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