Peter's Rainforest

Date: 3rd Feb 2017 @ 12:38pm

Today we had some very special visitors from the Rainforest! The animals were amazing and Peter taught us lots of new things. Take a look at some of the photos and videos we took on our class Gallery page.

Did you enjoy today's treat? Can you give me an interesting fact about one of the animals you saw?


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Holly A wrote:

Today in year 5 a few animals came into school there was a Rat, Snake, Frog, Centipede and a Tarantula the Frog's skin I very delicate. And if you squeeze a Centipede it could have a very good chance of dying. The feeling of the Centipede's legs are quite spiky and the Snakes skin is very smooth and also it's very silky. And the Frog has webs on it's feet because the webs make the Frog's feet stick to the tree's. I loved all of the animals my favourite was probably the Rat.

By Holly.A

Josh L wrote:

I loved when millie millipede tickled my palm with her legs , also the tarantula was good because it gets me over my fears but best of all was Friday the rat he sniffed my fingers and soft to touch what day in year 5 .

Sila K wrote:

I loved the visit of zoolab Rainforest ,it was so interesting and really enjoyable, my favourite animal was the snake also the rat (the rat was so cute) and Peter said that when rats catch a cold they look like they are crying blood.The Rainforest needs animals food to live because it sucks in to the nuitriance. I loved it so much thank you Miss Rice and Mrs Topping it was so good.

Grace M wrote:

Last week on Friday we had a visit from a few animals like a rat , millipede,snake,frog and a tarantula.My faviourte animal was the frog we learnt that a salt made from sweat on your hands could burn the frog!!!

Eleanor M wrote:

My favourite one was the frog, not only was he cute, his skin was super stretchy! He lives in the rainforest because its super dark, and if he get above the canopy it will burn him a lot. His feet don't have webs, they are actually really sticky.

Amelia R wrote:

My favourite was the rat I remember that the rats mucus is red also that millipedes have more than 240 legs frogs had delicate skin and salt water can damage the frog.
By Amelia Roberts

Thomas W wrote:

I love the interesting facts about the rain forest but i love the feel of the scaly snake because i was very smooth and silk not what I thought it would feel like(I thought the snake would feel very sticky not smooth.)

Melissa H wrote:

We had a visit from some animals like a millipede,snake,frog,tarantula and a rat my favorite was the rat because it was really small and the tail was like a thin rope it was really cool !!!!

Melissa H wrote:

we got a visit by some animals like a rat,a frog,a snake,a millipede and a tarantula.My favorite was the frog it had orange eyes and stretchy skin also sweat can burn its skin.

Thomas W wrote:

What i liked was that we got to see all of the different tepys of animals and we got lots of different facts about the rain forest

Joshua H wrote:

In year 5 we had some animals visit us like a Snake, Tarantula, Rat, , and a centipede, the Snake was one of my favorite ,because the way the snake skin felt was so nice I almost wanted to pet one

Basar A wrote:

Today animals like a rat,millipede,snake(probably my favourite) and a frog from tropical rainforests came in thanks to Miss Rice and Mrs Topping also Peter for teaching us today.First, Peter gave us some clues of what the first animal might be some of the clues he gave us were an important animal,lived on the floor and it was the millipede and then came second the snake I first thought that the snake was going to feel like an elastic band after when I felt it it was no were near what I thought it would be like it felt like wet sponge covered with silk.The bottom part of the snake felt like glass and it was so smooth that now I wish we had a class pet but I am not sure between a snake and rat because the snake was so fascinating while the rat was so cute.Our third animal cute the rat so first we learned before we could touch it that you can't touch every rat in the world because some rats have diseases which can affect or even kill people and Tom got to feed the rat.Our fourth animal the tarantula we didn't get to touch

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