Peter Pan by J.M Barrie

Date: 15th Jan 2017 @ 10:13am


Our novel for this term is Peter Pan by J.M Barrie. As we continue to read the book. Blog about any parts of the book you have really enjoyed. I can't wait to hear all about it!Image result for peter pan by jm barrie

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Luke R wrote:

My favourite part was when 1 of the lost boys shot an arrow at Wendy and the Lost Boy is so clumsy.

Aymee-Jayne R wrote:

What I love about peter pan is all the adventure in it.I love when John peroeted and sumersalted through the air. Also when he took top hat.Even if he stole it.The story PeterPan

Aymee-Jayne R wrote:

I love all of the adventure inPeterPan and thats what is what makes it a great story.I love when John sumersalted gracefully though the air.It is a great story.I LOVE IT!!!

Chloe H wrote:

my favourite part was when they were flying to Neverland because of all the different colours

Emily B wrote:

what I liked about peter pan was the bit were peter pan met wendy because he told wendy to come and fly with him also my other best part was were they all start to fly in to Neverland

Junior D wrote:

I love Peter Pan because they do so much fun things tell you why because they throw Captain Hook and the water is glistening, at murmade logune also the water falls are
glistening down from the top of the water falls and I wood fly with peter and all the others to the lost boys also Captain Hooks team was fighting with me and Peter Pan also the others and wendy

Keira M wrote:

I really enjoyed learning about Neverland because I loved all the characters also it made me feel like I was in Neverland .One of the places that I liked learning about is hangman's tree because that is were the cheeky lost boys live.I also loved describing Neverland because I had so much in my head because it is such a wondourous place!

Cadence C wrote:

My favorite part of Peter Pan is the message about being Imaginative even as we get older. I like Wendy, but I am sad that there is not more girl characters. I also don't like that the girl characters are always hurt or have to be saved. I want stories with more 'Shero's.

Emily E wrote:

My favourite part in peter pan was when Wendy saw peter she was so shocked .

Jayden B wrote:

I don't have a favourite part of the book as I really enjoyed it all as it was a big adventure.

George D wrote:

I am enjoying the story very much. I loved when we had to write our own adventure in Neverland. My characters had to save Tinkerbell from Captain Hook! We had to write five parts to our story. It was really good to do.

Charlie G wrote:

i loved writing about peter pan also i like the part when hook gets eten

Jake M wrote:

Peter Pan is a good story and it inspires you. J.M.barrie is a famous writer for Peter Pan.

Jack Nicholson wrote:

GOOD email Jake and you are rite Peter Pan is a good story

Jake M wrote:

Peter Pan is a good story and it inspires you. J.M.barrie is a famous writer for Peter Pan.

Amelia O wrote:

What I loved about this story is that it makes you imagine that you are there. I like when John and Michael zoomed arownd London on there way to Neverland.

Mason S wrote:

I like the part when peter flew over the town. I like to write my own sentences about Neverland.

Alesha S wrote:

what i loved about peter pan was wendy because she was floting like a white wendy bird and here arms were going in and out like angel's beautiful arm's also she loved the house what the lost boys made she realy aprosheated it so she said she would be there mother. I LOVED IT.

Jack N wrote:

My favourite part was when Peter had a battle with Hook and Tictrocroc eats Hook and he screams like a girl and the Lostboys chear and they go backto London in the Jolly roger it was wonderouse.

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