Little Mouse's big book of fears

Date: 24th Jan 2017 @ 8:58am

We are currently looking at this fabulous picture book written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. This week, we have enjoyed writing our own newspaper articles (in teams) all about famous Nursery Rhymes - with a twist! Blog about the parts of the book and the activity you have really enjoyed. I can't wait to read all about it!

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Eleanor M wrote:

My favorite part of the book is at the end, because he finally tells you about a phobia of mice, and it shows you a picture of someone on a chair, afraid of little mouse.

Grace McMilan wrote:

Me too Eleanor

Sila Kara wrote:

That's my favorite aswell Eleanor.

Holly A wrote:

This book is amazing it's called Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears the little mouse has a lot of fears one of the mouse's fears are creepy crawlies especially spiders. Little mouse get's really nervous around sharp things like knives the mouse also get's nervous around tall people because little mouse is scared if he get's sat on. I think this book is absolutely amazing.
By Holly.A
Year 5

Amelia R wrote:

I love this book,if I was little mouse I would be most scared of spiders, because that is my worst fear. I love the pictures in this book.

Grace M wrote:

My faviourte part of the book was when little mouse said how even though he's scared of everything she's scared of him.

Eleanor Mercer wrote:

I like that part to.

Melissa H wrote:

My favorite part is when Little Mouse says he is afraid of getting lost because its made up and when he says he is afraid of everything.

Christopher E wrote:

My favourite part of this book is how the little mouse has changed the name of the author to his own name. My second favourite part of the book is how you can find the names of different phobias.

Basar Anil wrote:

It is really creative by even reading the first page you can understand that the author has thought a lot, from smallest words to big sentences.

Shakira Y wrote:

I like the part when it said he was scared of everything
Even though the woman in the book was scared of him.

Joshua H wrote:

I love this book ,because it takes real things people are scared of that you would't think are true like loud noises. My favorite part is when little mouse makes up a phobia about being lost (that's my fear) the phobia is called where am I phobia.

Edouard T wrote:

My favourite part of the book is where it says Little Mouse is afraid of getting lost and it has a map next to it about the 'Isle Of Fright' and I loved the little part where it has the 'Island Of Oops'.

Jack M wrote:

My favourite part in the big book of fears is when little mouse forgets everything, that was one of my favourite phobias, I also like the fact little mouse is very sneaky at sometimes... By:JackM Y5

Basar A wrote:

I like this book and the author really has thought about the book like it has every phobia I can think about right now, I am really looking forward to read and look at the book more up close.

Basar A wrote:

I think this book as well as has phobias in it actually help you find your own phobia when I read this book I will be looking for my phobia.

Sila K wrote:

When I first saw this amazing book I thought Emily Gravett is really talented because she crossed out her name and put Little Mouse instead she has designed it wonderfully. She is a great writer and I want to learn about here lots more.

Josh L wrote:

That it was very good and I love the bit were we found out about different phobias. Also when little mouse was holding the pencil from being alone and from the dark.

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