Claude Monet

Date: 24th Jan 2017 @ 8:39am

Our 'Be Creative Fortnight' is about to begin and all of our little Robins are excited for the activities we have planned ahead. Each class has their own artist to research, explore and create work around. In Year 5, we have chosen Claude Monet - a French painter whose most famous pieces include working with a variety of watercolour techniques and observing subtle changes in colour and light. Click on this link to learn more about this Impressionist artist:

If you have any thoughts on Monet please share them so we can discuss this in class. 

Miss Rice


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Eleanor M wrote:

I'm very excited to learn about Claude Monet,I really want to know if any other people where inspired by him, and became an artist to.

Holly A wrote:

We have been looking at a French famous painter called Claude Monet he is a really good artist and he uses water paints and he uses different techniques. He was born in November 14th 1840 Claude Monet is a really artistic man the techniques he does is absolutely fabulous he is just so amazing.
By Holly.A
Year 5

Basar Anil wrote:

I think the same too Claude Monet is the best artist ever.

Amelia R wrote:

I think Claude Monet is an amazing artists,because he uses his imagination, and the always look beautiful.

Grace M wrote:

I'm very excited to learn about Claude Monet, I really want to find out more about him and look at his paintings.

Melissa H wrote:

He sounds really good and i know he does water colors like we did with Miss Topping and i can't wait to learn about him.

Eleanor M wrote:

My favourite art work of his, is the lady reading under a tree, and that lady is actually his wife, its my favourite because he draws the beauties if the open world, and how elegant the world can be.

Grace M wrote:

I am very excited to learn about Claude Monet because he is a very inspirational and imaginative artist (one of a kind )

Christopher E wrote:

Claude Monet has used water colours in his painting. We have all painted our own pieces of the painting in class.

Eleanor M wrote:

He must have a real talent for using his imagination,I wonder if any of his painting are in any art museum.

Edouard T wrote:

Even though we've only started learning about Claude Monet I'm actually enjoying it. Even if we have to paint our own versions of his artwork with watercolours which is actually quite difficult...

Basar A wrote:

Claude Monet is a really good artist, in class we have done pictures of Claude Monet and it was about lily pads and we on a piece of paper exploder water colours my favourite was tone dark to light but there was other ones like wet on wet, wet on wet ombre and wet on dry, wet on wet dabbing where we just use the edge of the paint brush.

Sila K wrote:

I have had lots of fun with Claude Monet water colors ,he is a great artist and he is really creative , I didn't like the way that he mostly colors lilly pads and trees.Its been a really good week doing and trying Claude Monet water colors,pictures.I really enjoyed it.

Sila K wrote:

My favorite painting that he did is the San Giorgio Maggiore At Dusk, he uses his imagination to paint stuff with water colors and he is really inspirational. I love his art and can't wait to learn about him.

Eleanor M wrote:

I was really interested when I did my homework because I learnt a lot about Claude Monet. I was most interested when I researched about him and I found out that his actual name is Oscar Claude Monet.

Basar A wrote:

The best thing I like about Claude Monet is he just thinks so hard and how he uses some techniques is just brilliant he is one of the best artist I have ever seen in my whole live.I am looking forward to do more pictures as in the same style as Claude Monet he is just amazing at art and I can't wait for the be creative fortnight and hope we do more pictures in the style of Claude Monet.
By Basar.A
Year 5

Cole Livesey wrote:

I agree

Cole L wrote:

What I want to know:Which is his favorite painting and why?When did he started to paint pictures?What inspired him to paint?And last,who is his favorite artist?What I already know:Claude Monet was born 14th November 1840,he is a famous artist who uses water colors to paint brilliant pieces of artwork.

Josh L wrote:

This week I have enjoyed learning about Claude Monet, especially how he used water colours to paint and his imagination I'm looking forward to learning more this week .

Jack M wrote:

Claude Monet , is a (Famous,French) Artist who loved to paint fantastic pictures,im sure his favourite kind of painting is lily pads , I love learning all about Claude Monet in class because he has lots of techniques such as water colours, we paint in art and use his magnificent skills! By:Jack Mather Y5

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