Alien hand/foot prints

Date: 9th Feb 2017 @ 2:26pm

Hello Reception!

Over half-term, you've been asked to create your own pet alien to bring to school. We will need to teach the aliens all about our school but before we do that, Hairy Harry would like to know something special about your alien as he doesn't want any scary surprises on his first day back!

So, can you tell him one special thing about your alien? For example, where does it come from? What does it look like? What is its favourite food? What are its hobbies? Does it have any special powers? What is its name? Does it have any enemies?

Have a lovely half-term, and we'll see you in a week with your little alien friend! wink

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Olivia T wrote:

My aliens are named Frozen Fever (ice powers), Pinky (power to turn invisible) and Butterfly (super power to fly). They all came to visit our school on a spaceship.

Adam T wrote:

Adam's alien is from the planet Mars and eats metal and rock!

Hiromichi M wrote:

I made three monsters. They are from saturn. They eat donuts and fish. They have a lot of legs. But they move slowly.

Nathan M wrote:

Nathan's monsters come from Saturn and they all eat fish! They like to swing and dance. The blue one has frozen powers, the yellow one has web powers and the green one has karate powers!

Alfie D wrote:

My alien eats stone and fish and rocks! My blue alien is called Squirtal. He has water powers... He is very friendly.

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