School Council

At the beginning of September, the children in years 1 to 6 are asked to think about who would be the best representatives of their new classes. Two children are elected from each of these classes to sit on the school council. Year 6 are represented by two Heads of Council. The councillors are expected to be the voice of their classes so school council members have to be very good listeners. They have to be able to share their classes’ ideas and opinions with the rest of the school through school council meetings. School Council members then have to feedback to their own classes the things that have been discussed at the council meeting. The School Council also gets involved in fundraising and whole-school events.


A review of the School Council's impact in 2019-20:

Last year's school council did a fantastic job in bringing about changes to our school. Following their presentation to the school's Full Governing Body, the children successfully campaigned for the following actions:

  • New blinds in all classrooms
  • New outdoor play equipment storage
  • New items for outdoor play
  • A fundraising disco

We look forward to forming the new school council very soon and will keep you informed of their plans for 2020-2021.