On this page, you will find the work that children can access at home each week.


The children will have a daily Read Write Inc video/s. Additionally, they will either complete a short reading quiz or answer a question about a ditty they have read. It is important the children are reading as much as possible, whether this be in the environment or for pleasure. 


Children will be provided with daily writing activities. When the children are writing, please encourage them to use their 'Fred fingers' to segment a word into individual sounds. Do not worry if the children are spelling incorrectly, the importance is for the children to master the segmenting and identifying the corresponding sounds/graphemes. 


Children will be provided with daily maths videos and activities. There are also further maths activities for mastering specific skills and to support the children's reasoning skills. 


Children will be provided with five foundation subject activities per week. 

For Reception children, this will be:

Monday: Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (P.S.H.E.)

Tuesday: Picture First News

Wednesday: Understanding the world. 

Thursday: Physical Education

Friday: Expressive arts and design. 


This document includes different activities for the children. These will loosely link to the theme of the term and are activities that will support the children's learning in a fun way. These activities are similar to the continuous provision that would be set up in class. 

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Miss Jones via ClassDojo.

Best wishes, 

Miss Jones




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