E-Safety (How to stay safe online)

Date: 25th Jan 2017 @ 5:36pm

There is a major focus across all schools in computing lessons on E-Safety. Over the past few weeks in Year 4, we have been researching how to stay safe online. As you are now aware of the dangers that the internet poses I would like you to create an entry on this blog to show how you can remain safe and prevent anything dangerous from happening whilst you are online. This is your chance to give advice and guidance to those who may not fully understand the dangers of the internet.

Give as much detail as you can.

Mr. Miller

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Ghisaani S wrote:

never open messages without your parents permission

Ghisaani S wrote:

E-saftey means how to stay online

Thomas C wrote:

To be safe on online do not show your emal adres and pasword

Warren W wrote:

do never read an e mail from some one you don`t know!

Thomas C wrote:

To be safe on online do not show your emal adres and pasword

Ghisaani S wrote:

Games are also dangerous for an example Roblox because you can talk to people who you don`t know

Sonny S wrote:

E-safety is very important to everyone online

Warren W wrote:

Don`t ever follow any one on snap chat instagram musically twitter or face book because then the person can hack into your account and delete your account

Martin W wrote:

e-safety means How to stay safe online. Games are also dangerous like Roblox , Moviestarplanet . minecraft ,youtube ,facebook ,twiter , snap chat , Wartune ,Instagram because you can talk to people you don't know and you could be HACKED. Also you could give away personal things online. One single pice of information.

Gracie H wrote:

It is Important to stay safe online because On certain games With other people on who you don't know! . Like roblox , Movie star planet And other games like that. And Never share personal Information Or you could get hacked and be posted mean things about you ! Be sure to stay Safe!

Thomas C wrote:

how to be safe online and do`t show your emal and password and adress

Arjun B wrote:

it is so important to take care online (internet) by Arjun

Freya D wrote:

Try to be safe on online.

Ruby W wrote:

be safe on the internet because somethings are really bad rule 1 . don't give your id.

Sam T wrote:

By sam and katie

This is a list of things you should and shouldn't do:
Never give away your password
don't give away personal information
and don't talk to people you don't know

David B wrote:

Esafety keeps you safe online. You might not know what I mean but this is very serious.Like if some one said "hey where do you live what's your phone number?" what do u do give them do the stranger or don't....yes you don't because that is your personal information . If your friends says "want to go park ok meet me at the gates" what do you do tell an adult or just go..........yes you tell an adult. that's all the questons today now here is some facts.1. when you do a password if it says "your password is weak" or "that password isn't suitable " change till it lets you do it or say "strong" that's 1 facts for you and maybe you can look and a website and learn some facts for your self. rember stay safe online bye

Thomas Y wrote:

it is very dangegrer
tom go on line

Thomas Y wrote:

it is very dangegrer
tom go on line

Erin T wrote:

Erin Year 4
on e-safety you will learn how to be safe on the internet don't post any porsanal imfo siba bulying is a tipe of bulyin on line it is so impotent to know e-safety

Emily-Kay P wrote:

E-mails= Never open e-mails from people you don't know.

Strangers=Never talk to strangers.
Attachments=Never open attachments that aren't real websites.
Facetime=Never facetime strangers.
Enjoy=You can only enjoy websites that are official.
Trolls=Tell your parents about cyber bullies.
You=Make sure you enjoy the internet.
By Ella and Emily Y4

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